Custom-made solutions

blog-img08Why should you choose a software that can shape the way your company works?

We understand that a customized system reduces costs and increases the productivity levels. For every entrepreneur who sees long-term results, this is the best option.

Meet some customized solutions form Viva Innovation:

1. Viva RG: Integrated Corporative Website with social networks, corporative e-mail  and content manager for viewing projects implementations, sending budget, success stories apresentation, customer opinions, profile indications and “work with us”. We build all content.

2. Viva Biz: Management Platform that integrates Financial, Accounting, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Assets and Management reports. Provides support for electronic invoicing, bank reconciliation, control of EPI and staff documentation.

3. Viva Civil: Platform Operational Process Management with a focus on monitoring all stages of the process, offering an integrated vision for more accurate risk management, time and costs by using your smartphone or tablet.

4. Viva Doc: Document Management platform that provides permission to access folders, revision control, version control and other features. Integrates with corporate portal via login and password by offering convenient access to customers.

5. Viva CRM: Integrated Monitoring Solution for Prospecting and Sales, including automatic proposal builder, monitoring of results and management reporting. This platform is accessible from anywhere by smartphone. For any company that wants to expand business.